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Our approach to successful professional education

Our broad range of different courses is the foundation of our professional education program on complexity management. In this context, we offer different open and inhouse training concepts, which allow you to train your complexity muscles specifically to your own level of experience. In this process we rely on a mix of theory and case studies.

Open courses

Methodology courses

Our one- and two-day methodology courses provide the opportunity to systematically build up competencies for the complexity management along the value creation chain. Starting with the market-related planning and the translation into intelligent product architectures to the manufacturing oriented implementation, these seminars focus on certain methodologies for each of these tasks.

Certificate courses

Our certificate courses give your employees a deep insight into a larger range of topics within a week and thereby allow them to become certified complexity managers.

In-House Training

If you want to prepare a bigger group of employees for a certain complexity management task like the design of a modular platform, we offer specific in-house-trainings. For these trainings, the content is specifically aligned with the given task and by request can be supported with case studies from your own company.


The frequently offered webinars allow you to stay in touch with experts on selected topics of complexity management, regardless of your tight schedules or current location. You and your colleagues can just dial in to the webinars by webmeeting. The objective of the webinars is the short and precise information on relevant topics, the continuous exchange of experience in discussions as well as the identification of new interesting topics.



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