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Challenge: Complexity Management

For sure no one will argue that variety, interdependencies and insecurity increase in almost all areas of professional and personal life. More than 25 years of experience in the fields of education, consulting and research confirm this and show that most companies do not possess the right skills to face those challenges successfully. This is the where the Complexity Management Academy appears.

With our three core topics “Best in Education”, “Best in Practice” and “Best in Research”, we focus on building up competencies in the field of Complexity Management. We offer open and inhouse courses, support Best Practice Sharing between interested parties and develop new solutions together with the industry. Centerpiece is the so-called Complexity Community, a network of companies that want to face their challenges in Complexity Management.


The Academy’s headquarters alone set a statement: RWTH Aachen University’s campus – a place for exchange between industry and research that will be one of Europe’s largest research site in the near future. Here, the aspirations “Best in Practice” and “Best in Research” are directly linked. We meet our aspiration “Best in Education” with a comprehensive range of seminars and other courses where we concentrate on the perfect mix of theory and practical examples.


In different ways we can train you and your partners in Complexity Management and address your individual questions from strategy reaching to implementation. If Complexity Management challenges you in your daily business and you want to face this challenge, we cordially invite you to become part of our Complexity Community.


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